Once we have taken our images they may need some tweaking such as increase in contrast, cropping out unwanted areas or adjusting the shadows and highlights. Photoshop is a massive program and can require years of practice. The following video is just a very brief basic introduction to using Photoshop.

This is my last video for “Get it off auto”. I hope you have gained the confidence to started shooting using your camera’s manual settings.

Using the light meter

As part of “getting it off auto”, using the manual setting for exposure control will allow all sorts of creative photography as well as empowering you as an artist to take control of your photography.

Check out the video below for some advice on using the manual setting on your camera.

TOMORROW: Software.

Using a flash

Flash photography can be off putting to some people but with practice you will be able to take images that would not be possible without a flash. You may find the following video helpful in understanding flash a little better.

TOMORROW: Using the light meter.