Lighting is the most important element in photography as after all the word photography means drawing with light. In this short video we look at soft and hard lighting, highlights and Silhouettes.

TOMORROW: Composition.

My favourite gadgets

I love gadgets and I must admit I own some stuff I never use. So I wanted to include 5 of the gadgets that I do use and use all the time. The following video talks about these.

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Tripods and monopods

Tripods and monopods come in handy when using slow shutter speeds as they help to reduce blur from a moving subject.

Watch this very short video that briefly talks about tripods and monopods.

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Always buy the best filters you can afford as they are the forefront of how your image is created. Look after them and they will last you a life time - they don’t date with technology.

The following video might help you think about what filters to use in what situations.

TOMORROW: Tripods and monopods.


The following video will help you to understand about different lenses - their lengths and how this effects your images.