White balance

White balance effects the colour of our images and depending under what lighting conditions you are photographing under such as fluorescent or tungsten lights these can leave a colour cast on your image. the following video explains a typical camera colour balance settings.

TOMORROW: Using a flash.

Composition - rule of thirds

Composition is an important part of photography where certain rules exist. But remember, rules are meant to be broken - so go for it!!!

TOMORROW: Composition - White balance


Lighting is the most important element in photography as after all the word photography means drawing with light. In this short video we look at soft and hard lighting, highlights and Silhouettes.

TOMORROW: Composition.

My favourite gadgets

I love gadgets and I must admit I own some stuff I never use. So I wanted to include 5 of the gadgets that I do use and use all the time. The following video talks about these.

TOMORROW: Lighting

Tripods and monopods

Tripods and monopods come in handy when using slow shutter speeds as they help to reduce blur from a moving subject.

Watch this very short video that briefly talks about tripods and monopods.

TOMORROW: My favorite gadgets.