A young refugee woman from Afghanistan reacts during an immunisation injection.
 Trish Schofield, administration support, organises patient records for the doctor’s clinic.
 Dr Murray Webber (Paediatrician/Refugee lead) consults with a refugee couple from Afghanistan.
 Faranak Danaie interprets Dari/Farci for a refugee couple from Afghanistan.
 Dr Murray Webber (Paediatrician/Refugee lead) discusses the Refugee Health Program with Farrah Othman medical student.
 Dr Sally Gaunson with the help of Fatima Mardeali, an Arabic interpreter, explains her diagnosis to a Sudanese refugee whilst Jenkin Tang, a medical student, observes.
 One of the roles of a Refugee Nurse is not only to provide education to clients but also to students undertaking health studies. Karinne Andrich CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist) delivers a talk about the Refugee Health Program at TAFE.
 Karinne Andrich conducts a home visit with a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
 A refugee woman from Afghanistan waits her turn for an immunisation injection.
 Karinne Andrich and Brayden March, a fourth year medical student, prepare to immunise.
 A refugee man from Afghanistan prepares for an injection.
 Fourth year medical student Brayden March, checks a syringe.
 A woman from Afghanistan receives an injection.
 After a day of immunising, a multitude of syringes lay in a sharp’s container.
 The refugee nurse consults with a woman from Afghanistan.
 Joy Harrison is one of only two Refugee Health Nurses covering an area approximately 130000 square kilometres or the size of England.
 A humorous moment at a meeting includes (from left to right) Murray Webber – Paediatrician and Refugee Clinical Lead, Catherine Norman - Director of Multicultural Health and Manager of the Refugee Health Program, Karinne Andrich - CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist) and Vesna Dragoje – Manager Language Services.
 Another role of the Refugee Health Program is to support Universities in providing clinical placements for students. Karinne Andrich debriefs Tracy Foran, a fifth year medical student.
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