Work and Play
 At work Dave is an electrician where cutting wires is part of his job in the maintenance of the hospital.   At play, Dave is a keen gardener where cutting branches helps the maintenance of his garden.
 This is Grace - a volunteer by work and a musician in a band at play.
 At work Michele is a Health Services Assistant where part of her work involves pushing patients throughout the hospital.   At play, Michele pushes her herself throughout the waters of Newcastle by paddling her kayak.
 At work Dr Paul, father of four is an anaesthetist and Intensive Care Specialist.   At play, Dr Paul enjoys riding his mountain bike. For him gloves, headgear and special clothing are essential in both work and Play.
 At work Shane is a Patient Liaison Officer where he assists and assesses patients to determine their correct financial classification.   At play, Shane is a Black Belt (Shodan-Ho) in Karate where he instructs and assesses martial arts students. 
 At work April is a Hospital Assistant where part of her role is cleaning hospital wards.   At play April keeps horses on her property where part of her role is cleaning the stable area.
 At work, Frank is a Gardener where part of his job is to calculate the materials needed for the hospital gardens. At play, Frank is an avid darts player where part of the game plan is to calculate the points needed to reach a score of zero.
 At work, Fran is a Social Work Service Manager where she provides leadership support to her team which number fifty.   At play, Fran enjoys racing her MG sports car which number is ninety.
 At work, Kerrie is a Hospital Assistant where she distributes and collects linen throughout the hospital.  At play, Kerrie loves Bonnie, her 3 year old Kelpie cross Border Collie where she collects her through the hatch back of her car.
 At work, Michael is a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit.  In both work and play, Michael is required to wear a uniform and care for those that depend on him.
 At work, Peter is a Pastorial Care Minister where he offers spiritual support to patients and staff. Part of his role in gaining a greater understanding is to paraphrase the words of others.   At play, Peter is an actor at the Newcastle Theatre Company. Part of his role in ensuring continuity is to adhere strictly to the written script.
 At work, Shirley is an Arts for Health Administration Volunteer. Part of her role is putting pen to paper where she documents details of hospital art.   At play, Shirley puts brush to canvas creating her own works of art. 
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